6th International Symposium on Organofluorine Compounds in Biomedical, Materials and Agriculture Sciences



The guest signs the check-in Form and picks up the transponder / key from the Porters office at the main entrance of Nanjing University.

The accommodation will be available from 3:00 pm (15:00) on the date of arrival stated in the confirmation.


The accommodation must be vacated and keys / transponders returned to the Porters by 10:00 am on the date of departure stated in the confirmation. Failure to return the keys / transponder in a timely manner may incur extra costs.

The accommodation must be left in a tidy and orderly state otherwise additional cleaning charges may be raised.

All personal possessions must be removed and waste disposed of. Any items left behind in the accommodation will be discarded. 


You will receive your personalized name badge and voucher for all booked services when you register. Please wear your name badge throughout the entire conference, in particular for the coffee and especially for the lunch in the College Serveries and all evening meals (access only with name badge).

In case you have lost your badge, please report at the conference office.

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance will be hand over at the conference office.


Coats and luggage can be deposited in the conference hall (No liability for coats and luggage).

Coffee Breaks

Coffee, tea and water will be served in the break and is included in the registration fee. Please wear your name badge throughout the congress.


The official China currency is the RMB. Traveller`s Cheques are accepted by all banks and major hotels in principal cities. Their use in China for general purposes is not as popular as in some other countries, and may incur additional charges. International credit cards are accepted in hotels, department stores and restaurants. They are not widely accepted in smaller shops such as bakeries, butchers and news vendors where only cash is accepted or the Chinese EC card. All convertible foreign currencies (www.oanda.com) are exchangable at all major banks.


Electric current in China is without exception AC 220V/50Hz. 

Emergency numbers

Police: 110

Fire station: 119

Insurance and Liability

The Organizers do not accept liability for personal injury or loss or damage of private property of participants and accompanying persons either during or while travelling to the conference. Participants are strongly recommended to seek insurance coverage for health and accident, lost luggage and trip cancellation.


The official language of the conference is English.


Breakfast and Lunch: access only with name badge

Dinner: access with name badge and voucher

Opening hours in the colleges:

Breakfast for guests overnight:     07.30 am – 09.30 am 

Lunch for all participants, Monday to Friday:     12.30 am – 01.30 pm 

Please note that resale articles are not included in the full board flat rate. Resale articles are wrapped up articles, bottled beverages, fruit to go, ice cream from the freezer. If unsure, please do not hesitate to ask the on-site staff members for help.

Program Changes

The organisers are not liable for any changes made to the program. Updates may be found at this website.


It is not customary to flag down a taxi cab. Prices are set according to a basic charge and a set price per kilometre.

Time Zone

China is in the GMT+8 time zone. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is 1 hour behind of Central European Standard Time (CET).


WiFi codes will be available in the conference office.